7 Players Set To Gain DPP in AFL Fantasy During 2021

Fantasy Positions update regularly in season, and as with every year, there will be plenty of chopping and changing ahead of the upcoming season. Here’s the position additions and their AFL Player Ratings, to determining the key changes that will be the most relevant to fantasy in 2021.

AFL Fantasy New DPPs 2021

Lachie Whitfield – Whitfield went from having DEF Status in 2019, to the MID/FWD Status in 2020, and will be heading right back around to DEF next season. After lining up at half-back to rack a majority of his career Fantasy Points, there is a strong possibility he’ll be holding a DPP Status in the DEF/MID at some point in 2021, placing him as the second most expensive defence in 2021, due to his 86.4 average.

Christian Petracca – The Top Scoring Fantasy Forward in 2020, just above Whitfield, was Petracca. His huge season in the midfield is likely to make him only a MID next season, but there’s still a strong possibility he’ll garner the MID/FWD status again during the 2021 season.

Hugh Greenwood – Another MID/FWD that could pull a manoeuvre like Petracca is Hugh Greenwood. His spike in output came entirely due to his midfield usage, averaging 77% of centre bounce attendances. He could possibly retain an entirely MID position next season, but all signs point to him still having the DPP status at some point in 2021 given how stacked the Gold Coast midfield is becoming.

Andrew Brayshaw – Brayshaw is another big question mark in terms of DPP status, however, he attended only 42% of centre bounce attendances, meaning he is probably looking for another MID/FWD opportunity in 2021.

David Swallow – Gained FWD Status in the first lot of DPP additions, but his season-long 61% centre bounce attendances could put a line through him holding that for 2021. However, due to his strong forward presence, he’s another Gold Coast Sun that could pickup DPP status through the season.

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