AFL Fantasy Keeper League Top 12

Spoilers phantom draft January 5 edition:

Pick 1: Hollands – The best player in the draft outside Ugle Hagen by a fair margin and likely career CF. Coming off the knee but in a keeper, half a season on the sidelines means nothing. No brainer pick 1.

Pick 2: Phillips – Back in the North Melbourne recruiters, which includes ex campion data analyst Glen Luff. Was first mid taken so that’s saying something.

Pick 3: Powell – Another data-led selection by North. Starred in SA colts with big fantasy numbers and will get opportunity. Slight query on ability to translate inside game to AFL but need to back the u18 numbers.

Pick 4: Ugle Hagan – Standout best in the draft and best junior aerialist seen in a decade. Upside is off the charts. Will get the chopout of all chopouts from Naughton. Too hard to pass up a 12-15 year forward lock here.

Pick 5: Campbell – Slight query on his AFL role but has an elite kick and capable of a few roles so a potential DPP type.

Pick 6: Bruhn – Robbed of a chance to show his talent in 2020. GWS rarely miss picks in this range (Green, Hately, Caldwell). You can often do a lot worse than backing AFL recruiters in and picking off the board.

Pick 7: Pedlar – Primed for plenty of opportunity at Crows. Wins the ball, tackles, hard at it.

Pick 8: Macrae – Could have exploded this year. Potential to hard to pass up at pick 8 and spots sure to open up at the Pies over the next few years. No brainer top 10 pick.

Pick 9: Perkins – Has career CF written all over him and Bombers lack his type. Expect plenty of opportunity in 2021 and another no brainer to go in the top 10.

Pick 10: Jones – Has a year of SANFL under his belt. Slight query on if a role will open up in the short term at Port, but did more than enough in SANFL to warrant a top 10 pick in a keeper draft given his back status.

Pick 11: Mcinness – Could go anywhere from 6 to 16 in a keeper league. Hard to place but expect someone to jump all over the upside.

Pick 12: Davies – Junior inside numbers look great. Will never get a tag in his career playing beside Rowell. Under the radar type given he was prelisted by gold coast but has long term keeper written all over him.

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