AFL Fantasy Keeper League Top 12

Spoilers phantom draft January 5 edition: Pick 1: Hollands – The best player in the draft outside Ugle Hagen by a fair margin and likely career CF. Coming off the knee but in a keeper, half a season on the sidelines means nothing. No brainer pick 1. Pick 2: Phillips – Back in the North Melbourne recruiters, which includes ex campion data analyst Glen Luff. Was first mid taken so that’s saying something. Pick 3: Powell – Another data-led selection by North. Starred in SA colts with big fantasy numbers and will get opportunity. Slight query on ability to translate inside game to AFL but need to back the u18 numbers. Pick 4: Ugle Hagan – Standout best in the draft and best junior aerialist seen in a decade. Upside is off the charts. Will get the chopout of all chopouts from Naughton. Too hard to pass up a 12-15 Continue Reading