Meet The 12 Coaches in Our League


Dyl (kneeling left) – Coach of Handbaggers. Relative newcomer to keeper leagues.

Pete (front left) – Head coach of Bears. Loves drafting, not much silverware in the cabinet over time.

Chad (front second left) – Struggles. Coach of Aces FC.

James (third left) – Coach of East Sleep DT Repeat. Decent enough.

Mal (red hat) – Coach of Junk Yard Doggs. Hasn’t won much. Old list. Going all in.

Greg (second from right beside Bettsy) – Coach of Spoilers FC. The league gun. Always around the mark.

Tom (in red dress) – Coach of Shooters FC. Middling type. Good chat, average coach.

Mario (back left) – Coach of Criminals. Goes ok. Always competitive.

Marty (Second from back left) – Absolute struggler. Coach of Just Kick It United.

Troy (second from back right) – Opinion of self as coach far better than actual output.

Nick (back right) – CFC head coach. Decent enough.


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